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Our Staff

Kim Cortez

My name is Kim Cortez and I teach the Cubs and Teddies class. I started at Nature’s Pointe Cooperative Preschool as a parent, in
2013. My family and I feel so fortunate to have found a school that offered a play-based, child-centered approach, as it was certainly best for our children. This preschool and I have grown
together, looking for ways that best meet the needs of each child where they are at. Our staff and parents are phenomenal, as we care for one another and engage in best practices for
developmentally appropriate learning. I continue to research early childhood in my roles as a preschool teacher, and now graduate student.
I have my B.S. in Elementary Education from Illinois State University, and have taught for thirteen years — twelve were at preschools. I enjoy children of preschool age because their excitement for discovery is contagious! When you see a child’s eyes light-up, it is like watching connections, realizations, and fascination happen at once!


My husband and I have three children, one dog, two cats, one bearded dragon, and recently we acquired a fish. Our two daughters are fourteen and twelve, and our son is nine. This past year
we enjoyed games, movies, baking, and camping together. I liked walking, gardening, biking, hiking, reading, and art. Our big adventure this summer was a three week camping and National
Park tour. I can’t wait for our next trip!

Marlo Landis

I teach the Koalas class and assist with the Pandas class on Enrichment Days.  My husband Mike and I are parents to twin 14 year old boys, Alex and Evan.  They are graduates of NPCP.  I have a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education and 20 years of experience working with young children.  This is my 10th year teaching at NPCP.  The preschool years are my favorite!  The children are so excited to learn new things.  They have such a natural love of learning.  After experiencing co-op with my own children, I know this is the best place to nurture that love and watch it grow!  I am looking forward to another great year!

Teresa Hinkle

I’m the lead teacher for the Pandas class. I have over 25 years experience in early childhood education. I have worked with all age groups in various early childhood settings but I especially love co-op classrooms. I have worked at Nature’s Pointe Co-op for 11 years. I have a BA from Purdue University in psychology and certification in parent education and the program of West Ed. I am married and have 3 co-op children of my own. I chose co-op for my own children because I am a strong believer in play being the most important work for young children and wanted to be involved in the education of my own children. The greatest pleasure I have is seeing children’s faces light up as they learn. I also love seeing parents learn with their children!

Naheed Tahir

Bio & Photo Coming Soon- Director of Nature's Pointe Cooperative Preschool

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