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Nature’s Pointe is a nature centered play based cooperative preschool.  Nature’s Pointe Cooperative Preschool was established in 1996 and is currently located in Noblesville, Indiana.  We accept children ages 18 month to 5 years old.  We are affiliated with the Indiana Council of Preschool Cooperatives and Parent Cooperative Preschools International. 

We are what we contribute. We receive what we give.

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What exactly is a Co-op?

What is your Educational Philosophy?

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Did you know?

The first cooperative preschool in the United States was started in 1916 by a group of

twelve faculty wives at the University of Chicago. These women were responding to a new

concern for the early preschool years as valuable foundations for social and educational


Parent Cooperative Preschools International (PCPI) 
Indiana Council of Preschool Cooperatives (ICPC)
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