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2024-2025 Registration is now open! 
Items to do to secure registration spot:
  1. Schedule a tour (mandatory prior to registration and payment).
  2. Complete our online registration form below.
  3. Enrollment Fees:
    1. Current members: need to pay the registration fee to secure a spot but can delay paying the supply fee until the end of the current school year.  Please note that your child is not considered registered until payment is received in full.
    2. New Members & Alumni: Pay registration fee & supply fee by requesting an electronic invoice, mailing a check or using Paypal below. Both must be paid to secure registration spot.
Items to do once registration is complete:
  1. Complete Mandatory Background Check through website below (cost is $17.95 and mandatory for participating adults).
  2. Turn in each child's entire paper packet before the first day of class found below. 
*Registration fees & supply fees are not refundable

 Forms & Packets

plus class packet
by 1st day of class

2023-24 Class Packets

Due to Naheed by August 14th

Enrollment Fees

To pay online, use the appropriate menu below. Paypal fees are automatically added into these totals. Payments can also be made by electronic invoice you will receive to the main email listed on the online registration form, mailing a check to the school or dropping it in the grey lock box in the main hallway.

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