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Frequently Asked Questions


How often will I be in the classroom?

Parents will participate anywhere from 1-3 times per month in the classroom, depending on class size. Parents work together to schedule the calendar each month and can swap dates with each other to accommodate for illness or schedule changes.

What type of jobs are assigned to parents?

Parent jobs are assigned based on skills, talents or education background. Some of the jobs include: laundry, play doh maker, fundraising, housekeeping, healthy & safety chairperson, and we have many positions available on the board.

What are education credits?

Parents are required to earn 4 education credits per school year. The school provides education opportunities throughout the year including seminars, small group lectures, hands on learning events. Parents are also able to earn credits outside of the school on their own time by reading parenting books or attending educational events and seminars.

What are service hours?

Each family is required to fulfill 4 service credit hours per school year. We have MANY opportunities throughout the year to easily earn these hours such as playground clean up days, organizing storage rooms, helping at fundraising events, parents night out child care, and the list goes on!

Does my child need to be potty trained?

No. We believe each child learns at their own pace and our teachers work with you to help bring your potty training efforts from home into the school day.

When does enrollment begin?

We practice Open Enrollment, which means we continue to enroll throughout the year until classes are full.  Enrollment for the following school year begins in January.

What are your class sizes?

Class sizes are subject to change but are typically the following:

  • Cubs - 9 students

  • Teddies - 12 students

  • Koalas - 14 students

  • Pandas - 16 students

What is a nut-free school and what if my child has other allergies?

Our school does not allow snacks with any type of nut or tree-nut ingredients to avoid potentially life threatening allergic reactions. We also accommodate for other food allergies within the class so snacks are safe for all children.

Do you accept special needs children?

Yes, we do.  Please contact us so that we may better assess how we can meet the needs of your child.

Is there a snack during the day?

Each class has a snack time and parents rotate providing the snack and drink (generally water). Snacks are prepared in the school to obey all heath codes regulations and we strongly encourage healthy snack choices.

What will I do with my baby/other children while I'm in the classroom?

Parents needing child care for siblings coordinate with each other to build a babysitting schedule into the classroom participation calendar. We have a well-equipped babysitting room full of toys, rocking chairs, a crib and baby swings. 

What are the tuition costs?

Please see a detailed list of tuition by class on our Programs page

Are there any other fees?

Yes, there are a few other associated fees: Registration Fee,Insurance fee, CPT, Supply Fee.

What days do your classes meet?

Please see our list of classes on our Program page

How do I schedule a tour or ask more questions?

Please fill out our contact form, email us at or call us at 317.941.NPCP(6727). A tour is required prior to registration. 

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